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Zero Trust Security gives you total enterprise network protection — inside & out. Don’t settle for false peace of mind offered by traditional safeguards. Get Nodegrid’s Zero Trust framework to seal hidden backdoors, eliminate weak spots, and secure every user & device interaction.
  • Secure your deployments with device geofencing & GPS tracking
  • Get strong integrity using hardware & software encryption via TPM
  • Protect users & data with multi-factor authentication & fine-grain authorization

Why Zero Trust Security?

Your growing enterprise means more points of access, and Zero Trust Security helps you guard them all. Where conventional solutions leave you vulnerable, Zero Trust helps you segment traffic and block attacks no matter where they may come from.

  • Protect your entire enterprise, including remote workers
  • Set up new networks with hardened security, even before Day 0
  • Get core-to-edge data protection & stay safe from attacks

Working from home and on-the-go continue to increase. You can’t keep backhauling traffic through your main firewall or hoping inside attacks won’t happen. Set up a demo to explore Zero Trust Security with Nodegrid.

It all starts with Nodegrid’s Framework Foundation

Our hardware comes with geofencing & GPS technology, so only you can install & boot your configuration. Nodegrid secure boot verified the OS software signature before it can run, for complete integrity that supports your Zero Trust environment.

Nodegrid’s feature-rich framework helps you fortify your enterprise. Get thorough protection inside and out using features like:

  • Secure boot, custom security profile & port authentication
    • Password-protected BIOS/Grub and signed software
  • Latest kernel & cryptographic modules
    • 64-bit OS with current encryption and security patches
  • SSO with SAML (Duo, Okta, Ping and ADFS), 2FA, & remote authentication
    • Remote access to cloud & devices with enterprise grade authentication
  • Geofence perimeter crossing detection and security prevention
    • Tracks IT device’s GPS coordinates
    • Take customizable actions and protect your information
  • Tampering protection & configuration reset
    • Configuration checksum and changes detection
    • Configuration ‘reset’ button easily reconnects to ZPE Cloud
  • Hardware encrypted storage using TPM
    • Solid State Disk (SSD) with self-encrypted hardware controller
    • No performance impact due to software encryption
  • Cloud management, control, & access
    • Consistent configuration across branches
  • 802.1x network port authentication
    • No unauthorized network access
  • Strong password enforcement
    • Password configuration and expiration
  • Fine grain authorization & RBAC
    • Control access, targets, & actions
  • Firewall, IPSec, & Fail2Ban intrusion prevention
    • Native protection and 3rd-party extensibility
  • 360° monitoring, with logging, alerts, & actions
    • Trail logs, compliance- and protection-ready
  • Selectable protocols & cyphers
    • Allow only what you need
    • Lock what is not required

Partner with leading security providers

Nodegrid is tested and verified to work with leading security SAML providers like Duo, Okta, Ping Identity, Microsoft ADFS, and others. Easily implement your Zero Trust Security posture with these trusted authentication & identity management partners.


Always verify, never trust

Zero Trust Security uses a combination of tools and technologies to help you achieve omnipresent network protection.



Create micro segments to designate your network perimeters and strengthen your security layer.


Multi-factor authentication

Require multi-factor authentication (MFA) that ensures only the right users & devices gain access.


Least-privilege access

Let users access the network resources they need, without exposing them to areas outside their competency or duty.

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