NodeGrid Manager®nodegrid-manager-screenshot

Software. OOB management virtual appliances. Simplifies day zero deployment, configuration, access and control of in-band and out-of-band compute, network, storage and power physical and virtual infrastructures.

Single pane of glass solution for managing access and control of IT infrastructure and data center devices.

NodeGrid Manager extends the capabilities of existing hardware, makes migrations a cinch, and speaks all protocols: IPMI, serial, KVM and all virtual versions of the same. It runs as a virtual appliance on your existing hardware and scales to any remote/local environment combination.



NodeGrid Serial ConsoleNodeGrid Serial Console™

Hardware. The world’s fastest, smartest and most feature rich, Intel based serial console available today. High density data center remote serial access and control appliance for Out-Of-Band IT infrastructure management.

Next generation 16/32/48/96 port 1U serial console servers and switches.



NodeGrid [CI]™NodeGrid [CI]™

Hardware. The Converged Infrastructure market’s first and only vendor-neutral In-Band and Out-of-Band secure access and control solution.

Future focused OOB control of modular converged infrastructure. Operates in premise, hybrid and cloud environments.


NodeGrid Flex™NodeGrid Flex™

Hardware. NodeGrid Flex™ is the ultimate IoT, POD, Retail, and Remote Office IT infrastructure management solution. NodeGrid Flex provides secure access and control with flexible types of ports to “mix and match” your needs for managing remote devices at the edge of your network.


NodeGrid Bold™NodeGrid Bold™

Hardware. NodeGrid Bold is fast, secure, versatile and reliable. Bold in features and capabilities, it supports a variety of connection methods: serial, console, network, USB, Wi-Fi, Cellular Modem. You get In-Band and Out-of-Band power control, sensors and IT device health monitoring, alert notifications, actionable data, network backup, and more!



NodeGrid USB™NodeGrid USB™

Hardware. ZPE’s IP Patented NodeGrid USB™ was developed with mobility in mind. NodeGrid USB combines all the components of a mobile testing lab – Replaces server, storage and USB hubs. Test and develop around the clock with up to 96 powered USB Type C ports in just a 2U form factor



NodeGrid Service Processor™NodeGrid Service Processor™

Hardware. ZPE Systems NodeGrid Service Processor™ has been perfected to provide secure, hyperscale remote access and control to management ports of IPMI, BMC, IoT and other network capable IT devices, regardless of vendor.