NodeGrid Manager®
Software Defined, Vendor Neutral

Your world is a mix of physical and virtual devices, legacy and bleeding edge. You’ve got numerous vendors, asset types and console protocols to manage. NodeGrid Manager provides you with a unified solution to control compute, network, storage and smart power assets.

  • Our smart, consolidated IT access and control software saves you time, money and effort managing multi-vendor IT environments.
  • NodeGrid’s vendor-neutral platform frees you from vendor lock-in, providing IT device purchasing flexibility and a comprehensive, uniform feature stack across vendors.
  • NodeGrid Manager simplifies management, migration and refresh experiences, and even extends the features and shelf life of unsupported legacy devices.

NodeGrid Serial Console
The Next Generation of Serial Consoles Have Arrived

ZPE Systems unveils an IP patented new generation of robust, extensible and programmable serial console servers. NodeGrid Serial Console (NSC) helps data center managers improve productivity and reduce MTTR costs with the latest technologies. The world’s fastest serial console server also sports industry-exclusive system configuration security checksum™, bare metal booting and recovery capabilities, and Docker readiness.

No competing product comes close – that’s why it’s the best serial console solution available. IT staff can manage more devices with fewer cables, IP addresses and configuration time using our industry-exclusive 1U 96 port serial console server.

All NSC T-Series serial console servers consolidate and manage attached devices via a Serial Port Connection including: servers, network routers and switches, storage, PDUs, UPSs, and any other device with a serial port.

NodeGrid Bold
Freedom Lies with Being Bold.

The ultimate fully loaded IoT, POD, Retail, and Remote Office IT infrastructure management solution. NodeGrid Bold provides secure access and control for managing remote devices at the EDGE of your network.

NodeGrid Flex
The Flexibility You Need Is Here

NodeGrid Flex is the ultimate IoT, POD, Retail, and Remote Office IT infrastructure management solution, providing secure access and control with flexible ports to “mix and match” your needs for managing devices at the EDGE of your network.

NodeGrid® USB
Mobility Labs, Meet Your Champion

MobilIty labs are a mess. Usually they consist of different types of USB hubs and power bricks in combination with a storage and server solution. It isn’t pretty, but it’s what these labs need – Power to devices, servers for network access and config, storage for logging and metrics. These builds are inefficient and expensive…

NodeGrid USB unifies the stack.

NodeGrid® Service Processor
Service Processor Management Done Right.

NodeGrid Service Processor is the ultimate IPMI, BMC and IoT Management solution providing secure, hyperscale remote access to management ports of network capable IT devices, regardless of vendor.

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