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Get modern enterprise networking products for today’s challenges

Nodegrid was built by network engineers tired of today’s infrastructure challenges. Our Intel-based serial consoles & groundbreaking all-in-one routers deliver the ultimate in power & flexibility. Coupled with vendor-neutral software & cloud-enabled management, it’s the only platform to truly reduce your stack, stop downtime, & offer convenient control of your network.

Datacenter Solutions


Nodegrid Serial Console™- R Series

16-96 Serial3 USB2 ETH 1G (RJ45/SFP)Cisco PinoutSAC/DAC/DDC1-2 DockerOOB

Nodegrid Serial Console™ – S Series

16-48 Serial14 USB2 ETH 1G (RJ45/SFP)Auto SensingSAC/DAC/DDC1-2 DockerOOB

Branch Solutions


Nodegrid Services Router™

5 Slots9 Cards4 ETH 10G/1G1-2 VMs1-4 DockerSAC/DAC/DDCCell/Wi-Fi/AnalogSerialUSBStorageComputeSwitch/PoEOOBFirewall/VPN

Nodegrid Gate SR™

8 Serial4 USB3 ETH 10G/1G8 ETH 1G SW4 GPIO1-2 VMs1-3 DockerSAC/DAC/DDCCell/Wi-Fi/AnalogStorageSwitch/PoEOOBFirewall/VPN

Nodegrid Bold SR™

8 Serial4 USB1 ETH 1G4 ETH 1G SW1-2 Docker1 VMSACCell/Wi-Fi/AnalogStorageSwitchOOBFirewall/VPN

Nodegrid Link SR™

1 Serial2 USB1 ETH 1G (PoE In)1 ETH 1G SFP4 GPIO1-2 DockerSACCell/Wi-Fi/AnalogStorageOOBFirewall/VPN+4 Serial

Software & Cloud Solutions