ZPE Cloud

ZPE Cloud

Secure, Fast and Consistent Branch IT Device Provisioning and Deployment

  • Cloud Based Configuration & Management
  • Simple Initial Deployment / Site Launch
  • 360° Visibility of Your Network Connected Devices
  • Eliminate the Need for Shipping Pre-configured Devices
  • Consistent Deployment & Provisioning with Access Around the Globe


ZPE Cloud is a cloud based management platform for your Nodegrid SR products. No need for shipping pre-configured devices to your branch. ZPE Cloud makes the initial deployment, configuration and ongoing management simple and provides you with a 360 visibility of your entire deployment along with rich analytics that are easy to understand and operate.

ZPE Cloud coupled with Nodegrid devices allow you to ship your IT devices without having to stage or pre-configure them. If any device is lost on the way to your branch, there is no harm to your network security. Keep your peace of mind! Configure your IT devices only when they are at your branch in your safe guard. Don’t risk shipping a USB thumb drive or trusting third-party smart hands to handle your critical configuration at the branch. Deploy consistent automated provisioning via the ZPE Cloud. Have your best team configuring your branch from the safety of your NOC.

Nodegrid SR devices come with failover via 4G/LTE cellular. Reconnect your branch to your NOC automatically and securely via VPN or IPSec, even when Nodegrid is the very first device deployed at the branch. Extend your networking options via Guest OS & SVN, your compute power options by deploying uCPE on Nodegrid Compute cards, your IoT options by deploying Docker and Kubernetes applications on Nodegrid. Check our prevalidate list of 3rd-party applications.

ZPE Cloud brings together all Nodegrid SR products on a cloud platform. Manage your branch IT devices via Serial, USB, IPMI, Power Management and KVM.

Use “Reset” button available on all Nodegrid products to reconnect back your Nodegrid to the ZPE Cloud fast, easily and hassle free.


  • Cloud based configuration & management
  • Secure, fast and consistent deployment of devices across your branch locations with the ZPE Cloud
  • No need for pre-configured devices prior to shipping – Eliminate the opportunity for network backdoors by means of device theft
  • ZTP over the WAN – Deploy configuration when the devices have securely reached the branch
  • Deploy configurations across the entire network via the Cloud – Scale quickly, get sites up faster, load configurations to the branch/remote location
  • Reconnect via the ZPE Cloud with your Nodegrid device at the branch by a push of a reset button


Manage Your Entire Network From The ZPE Cloud

Detailed Device View
Cellular Data Usage – Data Buckets and Switchover
Device Details

Site Management

ZPE Cloud Mobile App
ZPE Cloud App available on Apple Store and Google Play Store


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