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Keep your network assets in tune with you

Nodegrid Manager makes your networking jobs simple. Instead of juggling unique tools & UIs from an array of vendors, Nodegrid Manager puts all your solutions under one umbrella. Use a single intuitive interface to control console servers, routers, PDUs, VMs, and everything on your network.


  • Save time & map out your network automatically
  • Cut costs with remote control of all your assets
  • Reduce stress & fatigue using normalized commands

Why deploy Nodegrid Manager?


Get plug-n-play organization

Stop wasting time on manual infrastructure tracking. The built-in Nodegrid OS discovers & organizes network assets, while Nodegrid Manager gives you seamless control on one clean UI. Save hours with the solution that automatically maps out your network’s physical & virtual devices.

Save money on management

When a device fails thousands of miles away, don’t spend money on on-site support. With Nodegrid Manager and robust out-of-band capabilities, simply use your web browser to access your entire infrastructure. Reboot devices, adjust policies, & perform management tasks from anywhere.

Clean up messy administration

For training, troubleshooting, and other tasks, you don’t have to learn unique vendor tools & protocols. Nodegrid Manager’s Interface Abstraction Layer normalizes commands across all your solutions. Use the intuitive interface for push-button simplicity, regardless of vendor.

Get better management that’s easy to install & easy to use

Nodegrid Manager is a single tool that consolidates your network management efforts. The best part is, it’s easy to install and easy to use, and comes with plenty of features to make IT life better.

  • Install fast from bootable, non-dependent ISO image
  • Save time with automatic, policy-based discovery & management
  • Get secure remote access from any desktop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Use one interface to control VMs, routers, firewalls, & every asset

What else does Nodegrid Manager do?

  • DeviceURL bookmarks for instant access to specific devices
  • Proactive monitoring & alerts to keep downtime away
  • Authentication & authorization via AD/LDAP
  • Keyboard, video, mouse proxy to eliminate Java issues
  • In-depth data logging of session users & actions for easy auditing
  • Cloud Clustering that helps with horizontal & vertical scaling
  • NodeIQ elastic asset search for quickly locating assets

See these features in action when you set up your Nodegrid Manager demo.

Sync up your network infrastructure

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Ordering Information

Nodegrid Manager simplifies data center IT infrastructure management for network engineers and system administrators by consolidating access and control of IT devices into a single interface. Nodegrid Manager provides secure, centralized out-of-band management of remote IT devices. Nodegrid Manager’s smart, consolidated interface significantly speeds up access times and reduces training costs and MTTR when used together with existing serial console servers, service processors, PDUs, UPSs and KVM/IP devices.


  • Single screen access and control experience of physical and virtual (VMware, KVM, assets)
  • Software-defined infrastructure for quick and easy infrastructure deployment
  • Vendor neutral support for all IT asset types and console protocols
  • Slash CAPEX/OPEX, secure KVM-over-IP and IPMI tools, use commodity hardware, cut training time and costs
  • Save time with policy-based discovery and management
  • Keeps firewalls secure
  • All in one. Installs from a bootable ISO, no other software required
  • Easy day-zero provisioning
  • Vendor and Technology Agnostic – Avocent, Raritan, APC, Cisco, NetApp, HP iLO, Dell iDRAC, Redfish and more
  • Physical and Virtual Consoles – RS-232 Serial, VMware MKS & Serial, KVM-over-IP, SSH and more
  • Flexible Access – mobile, tablet or desktop, CLI, API, search bar, bookmarks and more
To purchase Nodegrid Manager first choose your license plan. Nodegrid Manager is licensed on a per managed device and/or per feature basis.

* A Managed Device is any Physical or Virtual device defined under Nodegrid Manager requiring Access and Control.

ZPE Systems offers Nodegrid Manager licenses in packs of 50, 100, 250, 500 or 1,000+ managed devices. Enterprise site and subscription licensing are also available.

NGM-L1-BASE-SSUB-100-MDSoftware License – 100 Managed Devices – 1 Year
NGM-L1-BASE-SSUB-250-MDSoftware License – 250 Managed Devices – 1 Year
NGM-L1-BASE-SSUB-500-MDSoftware License – 500 Managed Devices – 1 Year
NGM-L1-BASE-SSUB-1000-MDSoftware License – 1,000 Managed Devices – 1 Year
NGM-L1-BNDL-SSUB-5000-MDSoftware License – 5,000 Managed Devices – 1 Year
NGM-L1-BNDL-SSUB-10000-MDSoftware License – 10,000 Managed Devices – 1 Year
NGM-L1-BNDL-SSUB-15000-MDSoftware License – 15,000 Managed Devices – 1 Year
NGM-L1-BNDL-SSUB-20000-MDSoftware License – 20,000 Managed Devices – 1 Year