Nodegrid Services Router

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Nodegrid Services Router
The ONLY x86, Open Framework, Modular Services Router

Nodegrid Services Router is a modular open platform appliance designed for software-defined networking (SDN), out of band (OOB) management, DevOps, SD-WAN, remote/branch offices, retail locations, and network function virtualization (NFV) capabilities. Nodegrid Services Router is optimized to perform various network functions including switching, routing, security, WAN acceleration, provide secure OOB remote access, run Docker applications and control IT devices at the edge of the network, and within converged infrastructure (CI) environments.

Nodegrid Services Router has modular service cards for networking, OOB serial & USB, cellular, Wi-Fi, compute and storage. Nodegrid Services Router has the latest generation of networking switch silicon backplane for SDN, a variety of modular service cards, a multi-core Intel CPU for concurrent NFVs and Nodegrid 64-bit Linux OS – a combination that enables flexible interfaces, dependable non-blocking network capabilities, an ever-evolving open platform and lightning-fast response times. Future proof your investment as your business evolves.


  • Modern network infrastructure needs to be versatile to keep up with the growth of the industry.
  • Scalability more than ever is at the center of business needs. Is your infrastructure scalable?
  • Enterprises face challenges in their cloud transformation because traditional networks were not built for the Cloud.
  • Networking teams spend a long time evaluating multiple appliances – one for each: Networking, OOB, Failover, Firewall, IPSEC…

  • Deploying multiple appliances, setting consistent configuration and adding network functions on new branches is time consuming
  • Remote access securely over multiple circuits (WAN, Cellular failover, VPN…) using unified policies
  • Lack of visibility and centralized management with 360 view, clustering and search capabilities to track changes in the network
  • DevOps – Current vendors do not provide an open environment

Available Expansion Modules

16 Port – Ethernet
Nodegrid Services Router - Expansion Card - 16 Port Ethernet

16-Port GbE Ethernet

Storage Cache
Nodegrid Services Router - Expansion Card - Storage


16 Port – Serial
Nodegrid Services Router - Expansion Card - 16 Port Serial

16-Port Serial

16 Port – USB
Nodegrid Services Router - Expansion Card - 16 Port USB

16-Port USB Serial

M.2 / SATA + Antenna
Nodegrid Services Router - Expansion Card - M.2 / SATA

M.2 Cellular / Wi-Fi / SATA

8 Port SFP+ – Ethernet
Nodegrid Services Router - Expansion Card - 8 Port Ethernet SFP+

8-Port Ethernet SFP+

Compute Card
Nodegrid Services Router - Expansion Card - Compute


8 Port – Ethernet (PoE+)
Nodegrid Services Router - Expansion Card - 8 Port Ethernet PoE+

8-Port POE+

More coming soon…

Compatibility Chart

Note: Not all Nodegrid Services Router Expansion Card Slots are interchangeable. Please refer to the chart for Expansion Card Slot Compatibility.

Expansion Card Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4 Slot 5
16-Port GbE Ethernet
Secure Isolated Mode Secure Isolated Mode
16-Port Serial
16-Port USB
M.2 Cellular / Wi-Fi
8-Port SFP+ Secure Isolated Mode Secure Isolated Mode
8-Port POE+
Compute Secure Isolated Mode Secure Isolated Mode


Accelerate Infrastructure Deployment

  • Multiple service-module expansion cards
  • Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization
  • Single modular platform for the Edge, Cloud, CI and Data Center
  • Quick deployment with ZTP, automation, OpenFlow, RESTful API
  • Open x86 Environment

Secure Network

  • Robust enterprise-grade security keeps your network safe
  • Encrypted data transit with SSL and IPSec technologies
  • Consistent services and policies with centralized management
  • Separation of control-plane and data-plane


  • Run multiple functions concurrently on a single device
  • Cut hardware costs by saving physical space and allowing expansions
  • Reduce operational costs by keeping configuration current via ZTP automation
  • Reduce downtime with alerting, automation and cellular failover

Nodegrid Services Router addresses the needs of modern enterprise infrastructure. Scale quickly and easily with unmatched physical and virtual networking functionality. Rapidly deploy virtual network functions throughout your environment as needed. Configure the Nodegrid Services Router to your needs with available service modules.

Out of Band Management
Establish secure channels for managing Serial, USB, PDU, IPMI and network infrastructure devices regardless of vendor. View all of your local and remote site targets and administer normalized commands via a single access point.
Nodegrid Services Router allows for Routing and Switching Capabilities out of the box. With a powerful multi-core Intel CPU, routing and switching is done lightning fast.
Simplify and provide agility to remote branch infrastructure with SD-WAN. Manage your entire WAN and implement services dynamically, via a single secure point of access.
DevOps & Converged Infrastructure
Collaborate efficiently with automation tools to improve IT performance and business results. Manage Converged Infrastructure solutions via a single, vendor-neutral point of access.
EDGE Networking
Nodegrid Services Router is perfect for the EDGE, providing secure access and management capabilities to Retail/Remote environments. Deploy and manage NFV’s / VPN / IPSEC / Firewall / Compute / Storage / Wi-Fi / 4G Cellular Failover
Docker Compatible
Nodegrid Family Solutions support Docker, giving you the ability to run more apps efficiently. Free up processing power by running optimized application containers.

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t…

Nodegrid Services Router goes beyond the network switch by utilizing Network Function Virtualization (NFV) technology. Integrate Virtual Network Functions throughout your environment for unmatched network agility and scalability. Nodegrid Services Router’s modular cards allow you to scale your physical network exactly how you need it. Nodegrid Services Router’s modularity in combination with NFV capabilities mean you can rid your infrastructure of single purpose appliances and optimize the stack.

Nodegrid Services Router adjusts to your needs. Need more Serial Ports than USB Ports? No Problem.

Nodegrid Services Router modules are field serviceable, meaning you can easily build out the perfect configuration for your Data Center / Lab / Converged Infrastructure / Edge of The Network.

Want a 360° view of your devices? As is the case with all Nodegrid solutions, Nodegrid Device Clustering capabilities mean you never have to settle for a limited view – Watch over your entire infrastructure and cascade devices to have them act as one.


Nodegrid Services Router is built with scalability in mind. With a plethora of Nodegrid Services Router modules available, your networking infrastructure grows with you, instead of hindering growth. Nodegrid Services Router’s modularity, in conjunction with Nodegrid device clustering results in an environment that is dynamically scalable to your needs and requirements.

Network Function Virtualization

Quickly and easily manage and deploy network infrastructure with Network Function Virtualization. Quickly deploy virtual WAN, Routers, Firewalls, Security and more, with ease. Old single function and purpose built appliances can be replaced with Nodegrid Services Router modules and NFV packages. Streamline operations and simplify network management. Perform network functions from industry leaders like Cisco, Juniper and others.

Nodegrid Management Platform

Nodegrid Services Router comes with the Nodegrid OS platform built in, or deployable in a VM. Easily maintain and manage your entire IT infrastructure from a single management platform, regardless of vendor. You no longer need seperate software suites to administer devices, Nodegrid will take care of them all and provide you with a 360° view of your entire IT infrastructure.


Nodegrid Services Router is the most powerful solution on the market. Where other’s appliances are limited to running up to a few NFV’s simultaneously per appliance, Nodegrid Services Router multi-core platform runs more NFVs without even breaking a sweat… Nodegrid Services Router takes advantage of it’s latest Intel based processor to give you unmatched virtualization. You can run all these NFV’s while still being able to manage your physically connected network… Nodegrid Services Router is that powerful.

Nodegrid Services Router Offers

  • 5 Multi-service card slots
  • Onboard latest generation of network switch chip for non-blocking communication
  • Multi-core Intel CPU with Nodegrid 64-bit Linux OS
  • NFV technology such as virtual routers, firewalls, WAN accelerators from best-of-breed vendors
  • Modular expansion cards
  • Embedded layer 2 switching, layer 3 routing, BGP, OSPF, RIP, QoS, MPLS, VPN, IPSEC
  • OOB Serial & USB console, OOB Management PDU & IPMI, Monitoring and Alerting
  • Zero-Touch Provisioning for easy configuration and automation over IPv4/IPv6
  • Cellular network failover with dual SIM and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Nodegrid Manager software for 360 view, natural search and clustering
  • Chassis: 2x SFP+, 2x GE, 2x USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Console, HDMI, Dual AC PSU, Dual hot-swappable fans

Overview       Features       Specifications       Ordering Information


Nodegrid Services Router gives businesses the flexibility they need to keep up with today’s dynamically changing IT requirements. Deploy and scale your network infrastructure quickly and easily with Nodegrid Services Router. Utilize NFV’s to rapidly deploy the complex network functions necessary to scale your business. Access and manage the physical network with Nodegrid’s modular expansion cards – Get EXACTLY what you need out of Nodegrid Services Router, the ideal solution for agile businesses.


  • Modularity – x86 open platform appliance with SDN and NFV capabilities, a variety of interface cards
  • NFV – Virtual router, firewall, security, WAN accelerators from best-of-breed vendors
  • SD-WAN – Architecture that overcomes the traditional WAN drawbacks
  • SDN – Separation of control plane and data plane
  • Switching – Layer 2 switching, QoS, MPLS, client/server VPN, multi-sites IPSEC
  • Vendor-neutral OOB – Serial & USB consoles, IPMI, power management
  • DevOps – Automaton scripts via ZTP, Docker, OpenFlow, RESTful, Puppet, Chef, Ansible
  • Routing – Layer 3 routing, BGP, OSPF, RIP Routing support
  • Failover – 4G/LTE cellular modem with dual SIM for failover/on-demand, Wi-Fi AP (hotspot or client)
  • Collaboration – Compute server module for virtualization and containers
  • Security – Fine Grain Security, Policy-based via AD/LDAP, Firewall – IP packet and security filtering
  • Auditing – Data logging (sessions), Environment monitoring, Event notification and Alarms
  • Management – Nodegrid Manager software for 360 view, natural search, clustering

Technical Specifications

View Technical Specifications
Hardware Specifications
CPU Intel Multi-core x86_64 CPU
Memory & Storage 8 GB of DDR4 DRAM, 32 GB mSATA SSD (Upgradeable)
Interfaces 2 SFP+ Ethernet
2 Gigabit Ethernet
1 Console on RJ45
1 USB 3.0
1 USB 2.0
Software Specifications
Port Access Direct access by port name, TCP port, device name and IPv4/IPv6
High performance port login: <1 sec on SSH, <3 sec on Telnet
1,000 simultaneous sessions
Port sharing, port custom field support, port icon configuration, port search
Device clustering across multiple Nodegrid units
DeviceURL™ bookmarks, FireTrail™ secure tunnels
Break-over SSH support
Power Management Integration within user’s session
HTML5 viewer (No Java) for IPMI SoL and KVM, WEB, Console. Virtual media
System Management Extensible automated control based on actionable real-time data
Web GUI management portal, command line interface (CLI), Linux root shell,SNMP
Zero Touch Provisioning for configuration and firmware updates
Multiple and customizable user levels of access
Auto-discovery via network scan & hostname of attached serial port
NTP support, global time zone support
Network Failover to 4G/LTE or Wi-Fi
Orchestration – Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Nodegrid Manager, OpenFlow, RESTful
Access Protocols HTTPS, SSHv2; optional HTTP, Telnet and SSHv1
Device View Options Tree, Table, Geo Map, Node and WEB with NodeIQ™ search
Managed Power Devices Vendor Neutral PDU support
Managed IPMI Devices OpenBMC
Dell iDRAC
Redfish API
Supermicro/Quanta IPMI
Oracle ILOM
EMC/NetApp Storage IPMI
Security X.509 SSH certificate support, 4096-bit encryption keys
Selectable cryptographic protocols for SSH and HTTPS (TLSv1.2, TLSv1.1, TLSv1)
Selectable cypher suite levels: high, medium, low, custom
Local, AD/LDAP, RADIUS, TACACS+, Kerberos authentication
Local, backup-user authentication support
User-access lists per port
Group/role-based authorization: AD/LDAP, RADIUS, TACACS+
Fine Grain port access, power access, appliance privilege
IP packet and security filtering, IP forwarding support
SSL VPN (Client and Server), IPsec, Firewall
MD5/SHA System configuration checksum, System event syslog
System event syslog
Custom security with secure default settings
Strong password enforcement
Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
Data Logging Local port buffering – 20 MB per port
Local, NFS, syslog, o-line data logging
Time stamp and rotation for data logging
Event destination: email, syslog, local
Notification: syslog, email
Operating System Built-in 64-bit Linux
Infrastructure Specifications
Power Dual AC 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 90W typical
Physical Front-Rear mounting brackets
Size (L x W x H): 438 x 332 x 43mm (17.2 x 13.1 x 1.7 in), 1U
Weight: 4.9 kg (10.8 lb), depending on options
Air Exhaust or Air Intake Fans (Swappable)
Environmental Operation: 0 to 45° C (32 to 113° F), 5-95% RH, non-cond.
Storage: -20 to 67° C (-4 to 153° F), 10-90% RH, non-cond.

Ordering Information

View Ordering Information

Nodegrid Services Router (Chassis)

SKU Description
NSR-TOP1-DAC NSR Chassis, Dual AC, Multi-Core Intel CPU, On-board Switch, 5 Slots support, 8GB DDR4, 32GB MSATA, Hot-Swappatble Fans
NSR-BASE-DAC NSR Chassis, Dual AC, Multi-Core Intel CPU, On-board Switch, 3 Slots support, 8GB DDR4, 32GB MSATA, Hot-Swappatble Fans
NSR-TOP1-SAC NSR Chassis, Single AC, Multi-Core Intel CPU, On-board Switch, 5 Slots support, 8GB DDR4, 32GB MSATA, Hot-Swappatble Fans
NSR-BASE-SAC NSR Chassis, Single AC, Multi-Core Intel CPU, On-board Switch, 3 Slots support, 8GB DDR4, 32GB MSATA, Hot-Swappatble Fans
NSR-TOP1-SAC-POE NSR Chassis, Single AC & POE, Multi-Core Intel CPU, On-board Switch, 5 Slots support, 8GB DDR4, 32GB MSATA, Hot-Swappatble Fans
NSR-BASE-SAC-POE NSR Chassis, Single AC & POE, Multi-Core Intel CPU, On-board Switch, 3 Slots support, 8GB DDR4, 32GB MSATA, Hot-Swappatble Fans

Expansion Cards and Accessories

SKU Description
NSR-16ETH-EXPN NSR 16-Port 1GbE – Ethernet Expansion Card
NSR-8ETH-POE-EXPN NSR 8-Port 1GbE Ethernet with POE+ Expansion Card
NSR-16SRL-EXPN NSR 16-Port RJ45 Serial Rolled Expansion Card
NSR-16USB-EXPN NSR 16-Port USB Type A Expansion Card
NSR-8SFP-EXPN NSR 8-Port 10GbE SFP Expansion Card
NSR-DISK-EXPN NSR Storage Expansion Card
NSR-COMP-EXPN NSR Compute 4-core, 8GB DDR4, 32GB SATA Expension Card
NSR-M2-EXPN NSR M.2 / Sata Expansion Card
NSR-FAN-OUT NSR Replacement Fan – Exhaust (air out)
NSR-FAN-IN NSR Replacement Fan – Intake (air in)
M2-WIFI M.2 Wi-Fi
M2-CELL M.2 Cellular – Dual SIM
M2-S064 M.2 SATA 64 GB
M2-S128 M.2 SATA 128 GB

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