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  • Nodegrid Manager – Introduction
    Nodegrid Manager provides uniform control of all your physical and virtual IT assets with the world’s first Software Defined Infrastructure management solution.
  • FireTrail Secure Tunneling Through Firewalls
    Nodegrid Manager gives your users secure tunnel access to all their appropriate devices (and ports) across datacenters and through firewalls. All port forwarding happens inside of a secure Nodegrid tunnel. At no time do users need to know the credentials to any firewalls. Users only see the machines and ports they are entitled to see.
  • Nodegrid Data Stash Monitoring and Dashboard
    Monitoring continuously measures critical data points of all managed devices in your data centers and network operations centers. Nodegrid monitors devices over IPMI, SNMP, SSH and other protocols. Nodegrid knows how your devices are doing regarding power draw, temperature and other critical data center environment variables, and displays the data in one central view.
  • NodeIQ Elastic Asset Search
    Nodegrid makes cloud access management even easier with cloud asset search. By logging into any Nodegrid node users can search the entire Nodegrid-managed enterprise network and cloud with a single interface.
  • Cloud Clustering with Horizontal and Vertical Scaling
    Multiple Nodegrid Manager nodes can easily manage many thousands of IT devices. Nodegrid provides scaled access and control of Nodegrid-managed data centers in true cloud cluster configuration. Each node securely and resiliently communicates with other nodes, anywhere in the world.

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