Saving Serial Ports with Device Cascading

Saving Serial Ports with Device Cascading

Background / Problem

A top cellular service provider needed a solution that would work with their environment. Before they contacted ZPE, they were using up many of their switch ports to account for devices. The customer wanted a new solution – A solution that would allow for multiple devices out of a single switch port (cascading) support for additional hotspots to alleviate blind spots and to simplify connectivity.

The Solution – ZPE’s NodeGrid Family of Products

ZPE Systems’ NodeGrid family of products support everything the customer needed. NodeGrid devices allow for device cascading, to save serial network ports. NodeGrid products are wi-fi ready – some devices come with wi-fi built in, others can use an off the shelf wi-fi USB adapter. *Check guide for compatibility.

NodeGrid Serial Console is the Next Generation of Serial Console

NodeGrid Serial Console is robust, extensible and programmable. NodeGrid Serial Console (NSC) helps data center managers improve productivity and reduce MTTR costs with the latest technologies. The world’s fastest serial console server also sports industry-exclusive system configuration security checksum, bare metal booting and recovery capabilities, and Docker readiness. No competing product comes close.

IT staff can manage more devices with fewer cables, IP addresses and configuration time using our industry-exclusive 1U 96 port serial console server. The NSC T-Series serial console server consolidates and manages attached devices via a Serial Port Connection including: servers, network routers and switches, storage, PDUs, UPSs, and any other device with a serial port.

Next Step: Schedule a Demo and See What NodeGrid Can Do For You

We are perfectly positioned to meet anything manufacturers can throw at us. We pioneered IT infrastructure access and control back in the day and we’re pioneering IT infrastructure access and control for today and the future. Check us out. You’ll be glad you did.

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