Some Key Facts About Out-of-Band Management

In this 3 1/2 minute video Scott D. Lowe, CEO of ActualTech Media, offers a high-level view of the differences between in-band and out-of-band management — and what each means for your network infrastructure. He looks into which types of devices are typically managed with OOBM, and where it can be used. He wraps up with key OOBM features, such as lights-out monitoring, answers some common OOBM questions, and shares some of the benefits of using OOBM:

  • Allows you to remotely troubleshoot across a wide variety of devices 
  • Available when the in-band network path is down via backup connectivity, such as LTE
  • Lets you remotely manage upgrades, troubleshoot outages, and restore connectivity
  • Ease of use, allowing you to issue commands to different brands from a single device using the various device’s native protocols
  • Significant cost savings to businesses

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