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ZPE Knows the Importance of Uptime

Downtime for any business equates to money lost, this remains true even more so for telecommunications companies. In an industry where mere seconds of downtime can equate to lost revenue, damage to reputation, and missed SLAs – Uptime is of the utmost importance. Can you afford a network failure?

Telecom companies require an infrastructure management solution that’s bulletproof. Their networks need to have secure remote access to all devices and the ability to troubleshoot them quickly and easily no matter if they’re at the core or edge of the network – It’s impossible to have IT staff on-site everywhere. Telecom IT networks need connectivity failover in the form of 4G/LTE to maintain uptime and troubleshoot issues remotely in case issues arise. They need IPv6 and IPv4 firewalls in place to keep the edge of the network safe and secure. Environmental monitoring and the ability to set custom alerts in order to proactively protect themselves against any issues are all needs telecom companies have. Like in all industries, network ports come at a premium – The ability to cascade devices to save some valuable ports becomes a necessity. Not only that, but scalability and network speed also need to be considered by telco’s as well.

What if you had a solution that you could deploy in all of your remote locations that gave you full access, control, logging and monitoring of your physical and virtual devices – You could see issues before they happened and take the right actions to prevent them. What if that same solution had Zero Touch Provisioning and added all your devices to your management platform automatically upon deployment – configuration would occur before hand and deploy without a hitch? What if that same device sent triggered alarms to you and was not only secure but dependable as well, having a 4G/LTE failover? What if?

What the telco industry needs is ZPE System’s Nodegrid Family of IT infrastructure products.

About The Solutions:

Key Benefits:

  • Secure Access and Control of Virtual and Physical IT Devices
  • Event Notification & Alarms
  • Service Processor Logging of Events and Sensors
  • Minimizes Mean Time To Repair (MTTR), downtime and expenses with secure, centralized remote device access & control
  • Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)
  • Extended Automation based on actionable real-time data
  • Failover to 4G/LTE modem
  • Out-of-Band Power Management
  • Flexible power options: AC or DC
  • SFP+ Connectivity
  • Wi-Fi USB

Nodegrid Manager

Noderid Manager

Nodegrid Manager is the easiest way to access and control your virtual and physical IT devices. Our Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI) provides single screen vendor-neutral management of all your critical IT infrastructure devices and assets.

Nodegrid Serial Console

NodeGrid Serial

Nodegrid Serial Console is the next generation of console servers. Nodegrid Serial Console and Nodegrid [CI] provide secure, hyperscale remote access to all IT devices, regardless of manufacturer.

Nodegrid Flex

Nodegrid Flex

Nodegrid Flex provides secure access and control for managing remote devices at the EDGE of your network with the ability to be flexible. “Mix and match” expansion ports allows for a customized solution that’s right for your environment.

Nodegrid Bold

Nodegrid Bold

Nodegrid Bold is an all-in-one fully loaded IoT, POD, Retail and Remote Office IT infrastructure management solution for EDGE network devices. Don’t let it’s tiny footprint fool you – it packs a punch.

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