Retail & Remote Office IT

Retail & Remote Office IT
ZPE Systems Makes Remote Hands Better

Retail and remote offices have IT needs but don’t necessarily have IT people there to troubleshoot a situation when things go south. We know your situation; You’re expected to deploy systems, prevent outages, and in the worst cases, fix things when they’re down. It’s all running fine for now…

… Until the phone rings. It’s the retail branch calling you with this familiar greeting: “Uh-oh, the network is down.”

Sound familiar?

Downtime is extremely costly and you know it! You’re considering the loss of potential sales, the money wasted while your team sits idle, unable to work – It’s not their fault the system is down, and even if it was… You’ve got to get it fixed! The responsibility falls on you and your not so technical set of “remote hands.”

What’s the move here -When you don’t have someone technical on-site, what do you do? “Remote hands” are serviceable, sometimes.. Do you take that gamble? Will you be able to guide that person through the process of getting things back up? That same set of remote hands could have easily been the cause of this mess in the first place.

Maybe they can fix it. You can guide them through each and every step of the process, you’re a great teacher with tons of patience right? They’ll either fix it following your orders, or make it worse. You’ll just have to find out…

What if you could catch the problem before it even got to that point?

What if you had a solution that you could deploy in all of your remote locations that gave you full access, control, logging and monitoring of your physical and virtual devices – You could see issues before they happened and take the right actions to prevent them. What if that same solution had Zero Touch Provisioning and added all your devices to your management platform automatically upon deployment – configuration would occur before hand and deploy without a hitch? What if that same device sent triggered alarms to you and was not only secure but dependable as well, having a 4G/LTE failover? What if?

It’s not a hypothetical. That appliance exists – Nodegrid Services Router and Nodegrid Bold SR do all of that and more.

Nodegrid Services Router and Nodegrid Bold SR give you everything you need to not only catch, but prevent network problems remotely. You have a secure and always available remote management access point. It doesn’t matter that so-and-so took the network down, because the 4G/LTE failover results in reliable cellular access, maintaining your ability to manage, monitor, and access your EDGE network devices. Utilize power monitoring, send commands to power cycle units that are stuck. Have different branded appliances in your network? No problem. ZPE’s vendor neutral approach let’s you manage any appliance, regardless of manufacturer within Nodegrid Manager®. Nodegrid Services Router and Nodegrid Bold SR, the perfect solution for the retail and remote office space.

About the Solutions

Nodegrid Services Router and Nodegrid Bold SR were made with retail and remote offices in mind, providing secure, dependable access to manage remote devices at the EDGE of your network. The connection is secure and dependable, when the networks down, you have failover via 4G/LTE with your choice of carrier. Nodegrid Services Router and Nodegrid Bold SR minimize costly downtime, allowing you to quickly diagnose and troubleshoot issues within Nodegrid Manager®, getting your retail/remote location back up and running. Don’t leave your networks well-being to “remote hands” when you can go with Nodegrid Services Router or Nodegrid Bold SR.

Key Benefits:

  • Integrates with ZPE Systems Nodegrid Manager® vendor-neutral unified management solution
  • Manage IT devices at the EDGE of the network
  • Secure – Built in TPM
  • Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) for fast and easy setup in remote locations
  • Dependable remote access (Failover to 4G/LTE modem)
  • Power control and monitoring alerts

Nodegrid Services Router

Nodegrid Services Router is here so you don’t have to settle… Modular card configuration – Add ethernet, serial, or USB as your environment requires.

  • Networking
  • Out of Band Management
  • SD-WAN
  • DevOps & Converged Infrastructure
  • Docker Compatible
  • EDGE Networking

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Nodegrid Bold SR

Nodegrid Bold SR is just the ticket – A fully loaded IoT, POD, Retail and Remote Office IT infrastructure management solution in a small form factor. Don’t let its size fool you, its tiny footprint packs plenty of punch.

  • 1 Gigabit Ethernet interface on RJ45
  • 4 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces on RJ45 with Switching
  • 8 x Serial Ports
  • 2 x USB 2.0 Ports
  • 2 x Cellular 4G/LTE with Dual SIM
  • 1 x Wifi
  • 2 x USB 3.0 Ports
  • 1 x VGA Port
  • 1 x Console Port

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