Nodegrid for the Financial Industry
ZPE Solutions Address Critical IT and Security Needs of the Financial Industry

Financial Institutions have critical IT needs – Whether it’s a branch, banking center, or a credit union, uptime and security for the industry are of the utmost importance. The need to follow compliance regulations and maintain records of system access are tantamount. So much happens on these networks – crucial data needs to be accessed over a secure, reliable network.

Transactions occur nearly every second of the day that require precise and accurate networks to keep up with the activity. Money moves quickly, city to city, state to state all in an instant – These activities must happen over a bulletproof network with enterprise grade security protocols in order to keep these transactions safe.

Most of these locations have a dedicated IT support staff on hand but usually not at every single branch, office, or clinic. Staffing, among other things, is expensive; Who will monitor and repair network and server downtime issues if/when they occur?

About The Solution:

The need for a reliable network coupled with enterprise grade security and connectivity failover. Those needs and more are addressed by ZPE’s Nodegrid Family of Infrastructure Management Solutions.

Nodegrid Infrastructure Management Solutions provide fast, highly secure and reliable in-band and out-of-band access to your servers, network, storage, power, and other serial devices in your infrastructure. When coupled with ZPE’s vendor-neutral Nodegrid Manager software, IT staff can immediately access all other physical and virtual devices, providing a truly hyper-converged infrastructure management solution. Maximum uptime is now possible without having to staff a full-time IT expert at every remote site. The Nodegrid Family is a prime fit for the finance industrt.

Key Benefits:

  • Logging and Auditing for Inspection and Regulatory Compliance
    • Nodegrid logs all the standard data — who logged in and when — as well as data that our competitors don’t capture, such as the content of login console sessions – not just records of who and when, but the “what.”
    • Nodegrid’s security and logging features fulfill regulatory compliance needs of HIPAA, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and more.
  • Enterprise Grade Security
    • Banking, healthcare, and biotech security is serious business — each for slightly different reasons, but all guarded by Nodegrid’s enterprise grade security features.
      • Enterprise Grade Authentication and Authorization
      • TLS protocols, X.509 SSH certificates, Cypher Suite Levels
      • Firewall and Secure Tunnels
      • Alerts and Actions
    • Provides an additional layer of security for your Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) Network
  • Failover to enterprise grade 4G/LTE modem, VPN, Firewall & IPsec
    • Your choice of carrier, model, features and plans. ZPE doesn’t lock you into one or two predetermined carriers. Choose any carrier regionally and globally based on availability, reception and cost. Ideal for network failover and redundancy at globally distributed remote offices and clinics.
  • Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)
    • Some of the infrastructure needs to be deployed remotely – All that’s required to make sure deployment is successful is the MAC address of the new units.

Nodegrid Services Router

Nodegrid Services Router

Nodegrid Services Router is a modular open platform appliance designed for software-defined networking (SDN), out of band (OOB) management, DevOps, SD-WAN, remote/branch offices, retail locations, and network function virtualization (NFV) capabilities. NSR is optimized to perform various network functions including switching, routing, security, WAN acceleration, provide secure OOB remote access, run Docker applications and control IT devices at the edge of the network, and within converged infrastructure (CI) environments.

Nodegrid Serial Console

Nodegrid Serial

Nodegrid Serial Console is the next generation of console servers. Nodegrid Serial Consoles provide secure, hyperscale remote access to all IT devices, regardless of manufacturer.

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