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Consolidate your stack and expand your savings

Your branch doesn’t have to be cluttered by single-purpose appliances. Nodegrid consolidates your stack using modular, Intel-based hardware and powerful software that virtualize your environment. Now it’s easy to get simple branch networking & save resources.

  • Get all-in-one devices to save deployment & CAPEX costs
  • Lower OPEX with a virtual stack & convenient, off-site support
  • Stay future proof thanks to a variety of add-on modules

Case Study

Enjoy clean, intuitive branch networking

The Nodegrid SR family of services routers helps you replace up to six devices with a single box. Thanks to patented software that supports guest OS, application hosting, & VNFs, you can clean out your branch closets & get a more efficient stack. Remote out-of-band frees your support staff, & modular add-ons deliver networking that adapts with you.

See how Nodegrid brings all-in-one networking to a leading provider of oil & gas.



Deploy a single, all-in-one appliance instead of many devices. Save on CAPEX, shipping, & other deployment costs.


Reduce OPEX

Nodegrid gives you a virtualized stack that’s small & efficient, & accessible remotely. Cut OPEX across the board.


Become future proof

Nodegrid means timeless networking. Add modules for Wi-Fi, cellular, storage, & more, without growing your stack.


Give NetOps a Break with Application Hosting & Guest OS

Give NetOps a Break with Application Hosting & Guest OS

You don’t have time for slow, incompatible solutions. Host applications & help NetOps deliver satisfaction.

ApplicationHosting and Guest OS Checklist

Your Application Hosting & Guest OS Checklist

Get ready to do away with localized management. See how to host apps & deliver services on-demand.

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