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Nodegrid Serial Console
The Perfect Cisco ISR Replacement
Nodegrid Serial Console.

Cisco suggests the ISR4000 Series as its replacement – Is it right for you?

As a 1:1 replacemnent, the ISR4000 is a great fit for your environment… But what if you want more?

Now is the opportune moment to adopt Nodegrid Serial Console with Open Infrastructure Management; A vendor neutral replacement with enterprise grade security baked in, and high-speed, high-density connectivity.


ISR4000 Series

Nodegrid Serial Console
Form Factor 1U-2U 1U
WAN Ports 1-2 GbE/SFP PoE available 2 GbE/SFP
USB Ports 1-2 3-14
Console Ports 4-48 16-96
Cabling Proprietary Straight-through
Power Options PoE, AC and DC SAC/DAC/SDC/DDC
Environmental Monitoring No Yes
Out of Band Basic Advanced
Routing Router Router
Switching No Yes
IPv6 No Yes

What can Nodegrid Serial Console do for you?

  • Minimize local service contracts for remote sites
  • Provides faster MTTR
  • You no longer have to rely on non-technical people to restart/reset remote devices
  • Lower your recurring costs by replacing POTS lines with LTE
  • Ensure maximum uptime with multiple failover options
  • Reduce bandwidth costs
  • Reduce costs associated with provisioning new systems

As a Cisco Solution Partner, you can rest assured knowing that our Nodegrid Serial Console will seamlessly integrate with your new and/or existing infrastructure without a hiccup.

NodeGrid Serial Consoles provide you with a direct replacement that introduces a more secure and robust feature set for your environment. Ever wonder what it’d be like if you could manage everything from a single platform?

You don’t have to wonder any longer – Experience true vendor freedom with (SDI) Software-Defined Infrastructure – securely manage and control remote serial devices, regardless of vendor, from a single, unified management platform.