ZPE Cloud


ZPE Systems – Notable Innovations

Rethink the Way Networks are Built and Managed

  • First to Market – Out-of-Band Solutions Built on a x86-64bit Open Platform
  • Docker, GuestOS, and Kubernetes Container/Orchestration Built into an Out-of-Band Solution
  • Auto-Sensing Serial Ports (Alleviate the need for Serial Dongles)
  • Thermal and Environmental CPU Throttling and Self-shutdown Protection
  • Out-of-Band Cloud Management Platform
  • Patented 96-Port Density Serial Device (Patent No. 9,905,980)
  • Support for Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)
  • Multi-vendor Out-of-Band Management (Serial, IPMI, KVM, VM, Power)
  • Integrated TPM on all Out-of-Band Platforms (Security)
  • Pre-validation of 3rd-party Applications and Containers via GuestOS
  • Resilient Scalable SSL Mesh Cluster – Providing Connectivity Between Nodegrid Units – Avoids a Single Point of Failure
  • Password Protected Boot Components
  • PXE Boot and ZTP to Perform Upgrades and Recovery Procedures
  • Configuration Security Checksum
  • Support for Python Scripting for Automation
  • Support for Restful API
  • Full Routing Stack (OSPF, BGP, RIP) on Console Server / Serial Console
  • Reset Configuration via Hardware Button
  • Natural Search via Elastic Search
  • Searchable Custom Fields
  • Multi-vendor Power Integration
  • Support for Ansible, Chef, and Puppet Configuration Management Tools
  • BIOS Configuration via OS
  • 360º Device View with Geography Map, Tree, Node and Table View of Clustered Devices
  • Multi-function USB ports: Serial, ETH, Copper Network, SFP Network, Environmental Sensors, Bluetooth, Storage, Analog Modem, Cellular Modem & Wi-Fi devices
  • Dashboard and Analytics via Kibana
  • Multi-type Authentication Server Configuration List
  • Encrypted Storage
  • Clone Target Configuration Based on a Reference Device
  • Extensible and Scriptable Actionable Data Commands Based on Data Logs, Session State or Syslog/SNMP Messages
  • Integration of Network Switch, Serial Ports and Cellular Connectivity on a Single Out-of-Band Solution
  • Single OS for Virtual and Hardware Platforms and Containers
  • Support 10G Network Connectivity on Out-of-Band Devices
  • HTML5 Browser-in-a-Container for Secure Viewer – No Deprecated NPAPI/Java Code Viewers/No Applet for Added Security and Compatibility
  • Failover Integration with Dynamic DNS
  • Support Radius Vendor-Specific Attribute (VSA)
  • Network Device Discovery Based on Matching Rules via DHCP Requests/Renew – (Simplified Configuration)

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