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Out-of-Band & Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

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Out-of-Band & Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

You Need Secure Connectivity Across your Network

With many branch locations and remote users, your network is more distributed than ever. Along with reliable connectivity, you need to provide agile security that can accommodate business wherever it happens — at HQ, on the road, and even across the globe.

But traditional network security is clunky.

You need several security applications and hardware firewalls that are difficult to manage, even if you have an out-of-band solution. And for users, they’re constantly routed through your main firewall, which slows productivity and still leaves you dealing with vulnerabilities. Business caters to your network’s security, when it should be the other way around.

Get Peace of Mind with SASE

The good news is, ZPE Systems’ Nodegrid platform features Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) capabilities. SASE combines networking and security point solutions, and delivers them close to users just like a cloud-based service does. This means users get the fast, secure access they need no matter where they are, and you get a solution with peace of mind built right in.

SASE Reduces your Stack & Delivers Security Where you Need it

Traditional Solutions Offer Rigid Security

  • Backhaul traffic through your enterprise firewall.
  • Leave off-site connections open to security threats.
  • Implement complex, multi-vendor stacks.
  • Put up with frequent delays due to service-chaining latencies.
  • Wait for policy updates, and balance security with business agility.
  • Suffer from limited visibility & technical silo segmentation.
Nodegrid with SASE Gives you Flexible Security

  • Let your main network breathe thanks to agile security.
  • Deliver global access using a secure, cloud-based model.
  • Reduce your stack with consolidated, vendor-neutral appliances.
  • Stay connected & secured — deploy virtualized apps right on Nodegrid devices.
  • Use Guest OS’s to set policies for fast deployment and compliant scaling.
  • Get total edge visibility using an identity-driven, connected cloud platform.

Why SASE with Nodegrid?

Nodegrid enables robust SASE capabilities to save you time and money. You get efficient integration for secure & seamless connectivity, along with virtualized applications that let you add additional security software as you need it.

You can scale effortlessly thanks to built-in automation, and monitor your network’s health with comprehensive out-of-band management (OOBM). Backed by 4G/LTE failover, Nodegrid is the reliable solution for a network that goes where your business goes.

Efficient Integration
Nodegrid combines networking & security into one agile platform. You no longer lose time & money to inefficient service chaining, loosely-coupled point products, or vendor-specific issues.
Total Flexibility
Patented x86 64-bit architecture offers Guest OS access and support for virtualized applications. Deploy firewalls, WAN accelerators, & more directly on Nodegrid devices.
Automated & Modular
Take advantage of built-in automation that streamlines deployment & scaling. And because Nodegrid is modular, you can tailor your SASE capabilities to your business’ needs.
Out-of-band management
Nodegrid provides you with an exclusive, out-of-band connection to your network. Easily monitor, secure, and troubleshoot thanks to full network visibility & control.


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