Out-of-Band Connectivity and Management for the Branch

Branch Networking Solutions
Out-of-Band Connectivity and Management for the Branch

What is Out-of-Band?

Out-of-band connectivity and management provide you with an exclusive connection to your network devices. Instead of using your primary network, OOBM connects you via a dedicated remote gateway. You can monitor and troubleshoot crucial appliances without being tethered to your main network or risking your security to potentially unsafe traffic.

That means when a server goes down while you’re on vacation, you don’t need to book an urgent flight home. Simply establish a remote connection, fix the issue, and get back to enjoying your time off, all thanks to OOBM.

Traditional Out-of-Band Management can be Complicated

As convenient as it is, traditional OOBM comes with its own limitations. Deploying and scaling is difficult due to a complex array of unique devices at each location, and management becomes more cumbersome with every branch you add.

This mashup of solutions is a recipe for operational disaster, as you scramble to manage specialized training, power consumption costs, on-site support, and ongoing maintenance. Your organization slowly bleeds money and productivity due to its rigid network infrastructure.

Enter ZPE Systems’ Nodegrid platform, the only OOBM solution that’s easy to deploy on top of your existing network — complete with comprehensive, cost-cutting benefits across the board.

Which Environment Do You Want to Manage?

Problems With Traditional OOBM

  • Wait for slow modems & phone lines at each device
  • Spend large amounts of time & money to deploy & scale.
  • Juggle many vendor-specific consoles & interfaces.
  • Tie up staff with truck rolls for every issue, large and small.
  • Risk lock-out and security breaches with delicate admin protocols.
  • Sacrifice reliability due to many hard-to-manage cellular plans at each location.
ZPE Systems’ Nodegrid Solution

  • Get fast broadband access with reliable 4G/LTE backup.
  • Deploy & scale effortlessly using consolidated, plug-n-play devices.
  • Control every appliance from a single, vendor-neutral management tool.
  • Save time & money with automation & remote troubleshooting, even for your most distant locations.
  • Keep your network safe thanks to cloud-based security and management.
  • Improve uptime using interconnected, wall-to-wall cellular failover.

Switch to Nodegrid for Reduced Costs & Full Network Control

Nodegrid streamlines deploying, scaling, and managing your network. With consolidated, plug-n-play devices, it’s effortless to set up and configure branch locations. And thanks to ZPE Cloud, you can provision, troubleshoot, and manage every appliance, even if you’re hundreds of miles away.

Nodegrid is also a vendor-neutral solution, so you no longer need to learn brand-specific tools or troubleshooting protocols. With Nodegrid, you get normalized controls that unify management of all your devices, giving you control of your entire network from a single pane of glass.

Consolidated Stack
Do away with separate devices for routing, switching, storing, and computing. Consolidate your stack with our patented technologies that put your network functions all in one powerful appliance.
Cloud-Based Agility
With ZPE Cloud, you no longer need to get bogged down by provisioning or on-site support. Configure, deploy, & manage all your appliances from our secure cloud platform.
Vendor Neutral
Add management capabilities to all your devices. Nodegrid eliminates the need to learn many vendor-specific tools, and instead gives you normalized commands on one console.
More Uptime
Thanks to dual cellular failover that supports all major carriers, you get strong backup if your network goes down. Get built-in 4G/LTE connectivity for more reliability & uptime.

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