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Office in a Box / Remote Office Remote Branch (SD-Branch)

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Office in a Box / Remote Office Remote Branch (SD-Branch)
Gain Control Down to the Branch Level

SD-WAN enhances enterprise networking with its software-defined approach. But even though it offers remote, centralized management for better business agility, its capabilities fall short at the branch level.

To deploy each office location, you need a complex stack of appliances that can take months to set up. And when issues arise, you need to send specialized support staff on-site to troubleshoot using vendor-specific consoles. Even for simple fixes like rebooting a router, resetting a password, or installing the latest patch, sending IT personnel to each location is costly and time consuming.

SD-Branch, however, extends your reach down to the branch level. Now you can take full control of your WAN and LANs, with complete visibility of everything inside each location.

ZPE’s Nodegrid gives you a complete branch-in-a-box solution that’s easy to deploy and manage. Whether you’re setting up a brand new location or looking for the right upgrade, choose Nodegrid and leave your networking worries behind.

Get your Entire Network Stack in a Single Solution

The Costs of Traditional Branch Networking

  • Unnecessary security risks shipping preconfigured devices.
  • Assemble expensive, complex stacks at each location.
  • Pour time & money into exhaustive on-site support, even for small issues.
  • Maintain slow & costly MPLS circuits.
  • Manage many vendor-specific appliances that tie up critical personnel.
  • Deal with a rigid system that’s difficult to manage and scale.
  • Lose customers & productivity to frequent downtime.
The Business-Friendly Branch with ZPE Systems’ Nodegrid

  • Get secure deployment with ZPE Cloud and plug-n-play provisioning.
  • Reduce stacks with all-in-one devices, Guest OS, & virtualized functions.
  • Easily fix issues thanks to self-healing and fully-remote troubleshooting.
  • Optimize your network with the cloud and do away with MPLS circuits.
  • Get vendor-neutral, normalized controls that level the learning curve.
  • Deploy & scale in minutes using a modular, remote platform.
  • Keep business running with reliable backup via dual-cellular failover.

Cut Costs & Address your Business’ Needs with Nodegrid

ZPE’s Nodegrid brings you a branch-in-a-box solution that helps you cut costs and better address your business’ needs.

Nodegrid’s patented technology combines all your network functions on consolidated devices, and you can deploy virtualized applications for security, traffic management, firewall, and more. Coupled with built-in automation that eliminates human errors and streamlines processes, Nodegrid delivers all the comprehensive SD-Branch capabilities you need.

Complete Management
Use the cloud to deploy and manage your virtualized applications, regardless of vendor. Get a single platform for SD-WAN, firewall, cyber security, and more.
Smaller Footprint
Thanks to patented devices that consolidate routing, switching, storing, and other functions, you benefit from reduced capital expenses and a smaller hardware footprint.
Fully Remote
You no longer need to spend time & money performing on-site support. Simply connect your Nodegrid appliances to the network, and start saving thanks to fully remote management.
More Uptime & Control
With cellular failover via 4G/LTE, your network stays online even during outages. Innovative out-of-band management (OOBM) also gives you exclusive control & monitoring capabilities.


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