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ZPE Systems brings their Out-of-Band (OOB) expertise from the data center and extends it out to the Remote Office / Branch Office (ROBO) by providing users with the ability to establish a 24×7 remote virtual presence throughout the network. In addition, we have incorporated SASE and SD-Branch needs with the ability to run Guest OS’s, NFV’s and applications. Nodegrid is the perfect platform for the branch and provides right fit solutions with the same enterprise grade security features and protocols customers have depended on from our Nodegrid Solutions.


Nodegrid Services Router (SR) Architecture

Nodegrid SR is designed to provide flexible network interface options, dual cellular fail-over with dual SIM, a modern and secure Nodegrid OS, OOB management, cloud orchestration and add-on virtualized applications for SASE and SD-BRANCH. Nodegrid SR family eliminates the need of multiple boxes and complex configuration. Less devices to maintain at the branch, better flexibility.

Designed with Branch in Mind:


  • Multi Vendor-Neutral Virtualized Guest OS, Applications and Services Integrated for SASE and SD-Branch


  • Modern OS with built-in Networking & Virtualization Support, OOB Access & Control and Cloud Management


  • Support for Multiple Interfaces add-on Compute, Storage, Cellular Fail-over, Wi-Fi, Sensors on a patented x86-64bit Hardware Architecture

The perfect branch solution is dependant on the needs of your environment…
What do you need your solution to do?

Scenario A – Out of Band Connectivity

If your remote office/ branch office (ROBO) is in need of an out of band (OOB) solution, Nodegrid accomplishes that and more.

Customers addressing this pain-point typically deploy Nodegrid appliances (configured for OOB; serial ports, console ports, cellular connectivity and fail-over) at the locations to provide a safe and secure gateway to remotely access the console ports of existing devices on the network (routers, switches, and power).

Some of the benefits end users will experience:

  • Secure Deployment – No need for shipping pre-configured devices to your branch. ZPE Cloud makes the initial deployment and ongoing management simple.
  • Faster Response Times, Reduce Management and Travel Costs – Connect remotely and alleviate issues as if you were physically there with remote access and power controls. You no longer have to send/train staff on location to troubleshoot, get your best people on the case remotely.
  • Improved Uptime – In the case of an outage, cellular fail-over provides connectivity (supports all major carriers) to keep your ROBO location connected; Keep things “business as usual” even during an outage.

Scenario B – Out of Band + Guest OS for Security (SASE)

The same OOB needs apply from Scenario A, but additional functionality is added through Guest OS’s.

Guest OS’s and virtualized applications give the end user flexibility to do more with a single solution by deploying additional security software solutions directly on the Nodegrid appliance. Gartner refers to this as SASE (pronounced ‘sassy’) – Secure Access Service Edge which is essentially an “integrated networking and security platform that delivers compute power at the edge, in the cloud, and everywhere in between.”

Our customers have successfully deployed software for Firewalls, IoT and Cyber Security tools, WAN accelerators and more on our Nodegrid platform, a true SASE solution.

Some of the benefits end users will experience:

  • Get more functionality out of each device – Add new applications on top of the Nodegrid to get more out of your solution.
  • Standardize for Faster Deployment and Increase/Simplify Scalability – Get a ROBO up and running quickly and easily with a Nodegrid solution and Guest OS’s – Set your new standard and scale in compliance.
  • Shared Fail-over Network Infrastructure for all Virtualized Applications – Reduce the number of devices at your branch by replacing them with Guest OS’s running on Nodegrid, and have consistent Cellular fail-over across all applications.

For a list of virtualized applications already validated on Nodegrid platform, please check: Prevalidated Virtualized Applications

Scenario C – Office in a Box / Remote Office Remote Branch (SD-Branch)

Nodegrid SR is deployed with network interfaces for WAN and LAN, with LTE/4G fail-over for back-up. Nodegrid SR also runs Guest OS’s for SD-WAN and Firewall for SASE in a service chaining configuration.

Essentially, this configuration addresses the needs for the network setup of an office or remote location, complying with the corporate security and network requirements via the Guest OS’s and simplifying the configuration/deployment via the ZPE Cloud.

The configuration on this scenario simplifies the deployment of a ROBO location with a “office in a box” deployment type of solution. It also eliminates the need for MPLS circuits by implementing SD-WAN.

Some of the benefits end users will experience:

  • Implement a Secured and Consolidated Gateway with Multi-Vendor Guest OS’s – Deploy and manage via the cloud multi-vendor virtualized applications like SD-WAN, Firewall, Cyber Security on a single platform.
  • Eliminate Expensive MPLS Circuits – Use a modern way to connect your ROBO locations. Prioritize business applications and orchestrate you network via the cloud.
  • Keep your Business Running – Assure business continuity with fail-over via cellular. It automatically goes back, when the WAN connection is recovered. Your ROBO network will keep on running.

For a list of virtualized applications already validated on Nodegrid platform, please check: Prevalidated Virtualized Applications


Freedom of Choice – Nodegrid SR Intelligent Branch

Pick the right configuration for your implementation.

  Nodegrid Link SR Nodegrid Bold SR Nodegrid Gate SR Nodegrid Services Router
CPU x86-64bit Intel Processor x86-64bit Intel Processor x86-64bit Intel Processor x86-64bit Intel Processor
Guest OS 1 1 1-3 1-6
Docker Apps 1-2 1-2 1-4 1-6
Storage 16GB – 128GB 32GB – 128GB 32GB – 128GB 32GB – 128GB
Secondary Additional Storage Up to 4TB Up to 4TB Up to 4TB Up to 4TB
PoE+ Output Yes Yes
ZPE Cloud Support
Cellular (Dual-Sim) 1 1-2 1-2 1-4
Serial 1 8 8 16-80
Network 1 x Gb ETH
1 x SFP
9 x Gb ETH 2 x SFP+
5 x Gb ETH
4 x 1Gb ETH PoE+
2 1Gb ETH
2 SFP+
Multiple Cards
GPIO 2 DIO, 2 OUT 2 DIO, 1 OUT, 1 Relay
Power Single Single Single or Redundant Single or Redundant



A typical example of the Nodegrid SR deployment on the branch.

ZPE Systems recommends the following Nodegrid Solutions for Branch Networks:

ZPE Cloud

Secure, Fast and Consistent Branch IT Device Provisioning and Deployment – No need for shipping pre-configured devices to your branch. ZPE Cloud makes the initial deployment, configuration and ongoing management simple and provides you with a 360 visibility of your entire deployment along with rich analytics that are easy to understand and operate.

Nodegrid Services Router

Nodegrid Services Router is a modular open platform appliance designed for software-defined networking (SDN), out of band (OOB) management, DevOps, SD-WAN, remote/branch offices, retail locations, and network function virtualization (NFV) capabilities. Nodegrid Services Router is optimized to perform various network functions including switching, routing, security, WAN acceleration, provide secure OOB remote access, run Docker applications and control IT devices at the edge of the network, and within converged infrastructure (CI) environments.

Nodegrid Gate SR

Fully Flexible Converged Infrastructure Management Solution. Ideal for Provisioning your Branch IT Devices via the ZPE Cloud. Nodegrid Gate SR brings agility to the network. Perfect for both the data center and branch, Nodegrid Gate SR packs tremendous power in a small form factor, resulting in a truly robust and dynamic, secure infrastructure management solution. Configure and manage Gate SR via the ZPE Cloud.

Nodegrid Bold SR

Nodegrid Bold SR is an open platform appliance designed for secure access and control over remote and IoT devices at the EDGE of your network. Bold SR supports Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking with a focus on SD-WAN.

Nodegrid Link SR

Compact Infrastructure Management and Connectivity Solution Ideal for the Branch, IoT and M2M Environments – Nodegrid Link SR brings agility to the branch network, packing tremendous power in a compact design – Truly robust and dynamic, secure infrastructure management – Configure and manage Link SR via the ZPE Cloud to get your Branch / IoT / M2M / Kiosk / ATM / Remote Locations up and running quickly and easily.

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