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Free Yourself from Vendor Lock-in!

Free Yourself From Vendor Lock-in! Back in the early and mid-2000’s the race was on to implement an out-of-band infrastructure (OOBI) to provide access and control to all your IT assets in the data center via a separate management network. Isolating device management to a separate management network was, and still is a great practice. […]

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The Future of IT Infrastructure Management is Here

The Future of IT Infrastructure Management is Here You might not know us, but you do. We designed and engineered OOBI appliances that are deployed in the world’s largest data centers. We are a group of technologists with more than 100+ years of cumulative experience in the remote console management business, with many patents granted. […]

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Avoid Future ShellShock Type Attacks

ShellShock UNIX Bash Bug – Introduction You’ve heard about the ShellShock Unix Bash “ghost user” exploit at least 13 times by now. This discovery of a hurtful secret within a deep, trusted friendship (ubiquitous reliance upon generally stable Open Source software) reminds us that IT Security is like any long-term relationship – constantly evolving. Did […]

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