ZPE Presents: Software Defined Infrastructure for Vendor-Neutral
Secure Access & Control of Physical & Virtual AssetsShadow1

multivendorYour world is a mix of physical and virtual devices. You deal with many different console protocols and vendors.

Our IT automation solution saves you money, time and hassle by empowering staff and cutting workloads.

Start enjoying multi-vendor flexibility, complete feature stacks and a uniform, consolidated management experience.

NodeGrid Manager™ Software Defined Infrastructure provides you total freedom and flexibility.

Manage Server, Network, Storage and Power assets the way you want — NodeGrid Manager is vendor neutral.

NodeGrid Manager: One screen for managing access and control of your software-defined data center.

We make life easier for engineers, system administrators, IT directors, CIOs and CFOs.

008082-glossy-silver-icon-arrows-arrow-moreNodeGrid Manager™ works the way you do -
with all console infrastructureShadow1

Vendor and Technology Agnostic: Avocent, Raritan, iLO, iDRAC, hypervisors, Virtual Machines

Physical and Virtual Consoles: Serial, VMWare MKS & Serial, KVM, SSH

You choose how to manage assets: Web, CLI, API, DeviceURL™ bookmarks


All Hardware console features now in SoftwareShadow1

Access & Control

  • Secure Console Access
  • Power Management
  • Collaborative Shared Access
  • VMware Discovery
  • vMotion Tracking
  • AD/LDAP Integration
  • Bare-Metal In-Band and Out-of-Band Management
  • Horizontal and Vertical Scaling

Monitoring & Alerts

  • Console Data Logging
  • Service Processor Event Logs
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Event Notifications
  • Access Logs
  • System Logs
  • Regulatory Compliance

Numerous Supported Platforms

  • Service Processors (HP iLO, Dell iDRAC, IPMI, Cisco CIMC/UCS, IBM IMM, Oracle ILOM, CV, INT…)
  • Legacy Consoles (Serial Console, PDU, Avocent/Cyclades, Raritan, Digi…)
  • Virtual Machines (VMware discovery, vMotion following, MKS, VM Serial, KVM)
  • Storage (EMC, NetApp…)
  • UPS and PDU power management (Avocent, ServerTech…)


Fast to deploy with automated maintenanceShadow1

Install from an ISO – Self-contained bootable ISO image with no dependencies
Sow your seeds – Define business and technology policies for appropriate user access
Watch your (data) farm grow – Data Center assets are auto-discovered and matched to seeds to build dynamic access groups
Sit back and relax – Monitor for console issues and gain fast policy-based access and power control when you need it.

008082-glossy-silver-icon-arrows-arrow-moreControls Virtual Infrastructure too!Shadow1

Locate – Locate and connect virtual consoles as soon as they appear online
Follow – We follow virtual consoles through migrations so you never lose control
Control – Virtual Serial and VMware MKS available to all authorized users


Agile and future proofShadow1

ZPE Systems provides software-based access and control of existing and emerging technologies. Our close relationship with major equipment vendors and our optimized architecture underpin our commitment to supporting your needs as IT technologies continue evolving.